Pedro Moreno, Education Coordinator

YFN Education has a Local Education Agreement with School District #78 where YFN has on-reserve students enrolled.  Yale First Nation does not have an LEA with schools where off-reserve students are enrolled. 

YFN Post-Secondary education

YFN receives money from Canada (Indigenous Services Canada) in the amount of approximately $375 per every YFN member. This money is to specifically be used toward Post-Secondary education. In YFN’s case it's approximately (175 members multiplied by $375=) $66,000.

YFN, through the education coordinator, uses this money to fund YFN members' Post-Secondary education. There are strings attached to this money in the sense that there are conditions. The money has to be used for post-secondary purposes which is in the form of obtaining a certificate, doctorate, or degree. The post-secondary institution has to be federally recognized and accredited.

YFN members must fill out an application in order to determine if they are eligible for funding.


Post-secondary Application 

Guidelines for post-secondary funding 

Local Education Agreement


Training Programs