Lands and Resources

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Steven Patterson

Lands, Natural Resources and Economic Development at a Glance:

I have had the honour of overseeing all three of these departments on behalf of Yale First Nation, and unfortunately with that responsibility comes a challenge of finding the time to update on what is happening. If you have questions or would like information on any of the below listed highlights feel free to reach out anytime, email is probably the best way for me .



-working our way through a backlog of lands transactions. Indigenous Services Canada has been short staffed for some time so land transactions have been very slow moving once they reach the department. -successful in our application for emergency services mapping and address standardization. This will require a change in mailing addresses but will ensure emergency services such as fire and ambulance can find our homes and businesses.

-almost finalized permitting with Telus to allow for enhanced internet access and installation of fibre optic cables.

-a couple pending Additions to Reserve parcels that may be added to the YFN reserve land base are in the works.

-we are looking at taking jurisdiction over tobacco, and it ties in with a higher-level test of YFN jurisdiction on reserve lands.


Natural Resources

-just concluded failed negotiations with the province over the cancellation of the BC Hydro Standing Offer Program. This was mainly due to an unwillingness of the province to negotiate, rather they were enacting a predetermined decision. We have followed up with a well put together letter to Minister of Energy and Mines Bruce Ralston.

-CLCCF has just installed a new bridge and road system into Puckat Creek to work around previous access constraints, this will move our activities away from YFN core territory and allow for new forestry opportunities.

-our newest partnership with Madrone Environmental continues the sampling program at the Giant Nickel mine closure site. There is an ongoing opportunity for a YFN member to participate one day per month as a paid assistant.

-working on a team effort to recover a boat that sunk near Sister Rock on the Fraser River during a Trans Mountain training exercise. Trans mountain had already given up the search but is funding a joint effort by First Nations to find and potentially extract the boat.


Economic Development

-moving forward with new tobacco retail outlet, to be located beside the Indigenous Bloom dispensary on the same lot. Six new full-time jobs will likely be required, stay tuned to the YFN website as the opportunities are posted.

-Indigenous Bloom store has repaid all capital start-up expenses, is now profitable and will be yielding benefits back into the economic development corporation shortly. The store also pays a monthly lease directly to Yale First Nation.

-Trans Mountain off to a slow start. Permitting delays and Covid have resulted in a slow start to construction, but we should see more activity shortly.

-biochar plant has secured additional funding and has built a drier to work around feedstock limitations. The plant is running small test batches and developing outgoing markets. This operation also contributes to a monthly lease payable directly to YFN.