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Katherine Giroux

The Yale First Nation Housing Department is committed to building a better future for our community, one home at a time. Through innovation, collaboration, and dedication, we aim to create a thriving environment where every member has a place to call home.


  • We have finished the installments of the monitored Guardian Fire Shield units in Lukseetsissum this month, if there happens to be a fire, I will be contacted right away to make sure everyone gets to safety and the GFS unit will disperse a powder that will put out the fire right away without any water damage. We are also working on installing units in the rest of the homes within our nation.

  • Annual Rental Agreement Renewals & Inspections will be taking place soon.

  • Are you looking for a home? Please fill out our rental application, you can pick one up at our YFN office or have one emailed to you.

  • Reminder rental applications need to be done and resubmitted at the end of December every year.  

  • Need maintenance done in your YFN rental, please be sure to fill out a work order form which are accessible at our YFN office or you can receive by email.  This will help us prioritize on going maintenance work. 

  • YFN was able to secure funds for our band homes to get some much needed renos done, as funds are limited for each of our YFN rentals, we will be working with the home renter on which are true priorities.

  • Spring cleaning YFN provides 1-2 roll out garbage bins to the 3 communities, Yale IR1, Stullawheets IR8, & Lukseestissum IR9. 


If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

604 869 0013

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