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Daryl Hansen 

I am the Emergency Program Coordinator for Yale First Nation. I am a YFN member and have lived in the community my entire life. My goal working in my new position is to build resiliency within our community for natural and human caused disasters and emergencies.

Currently, YFN is working on becoming more prepared for wildfires on our reserve properties. While we hope to never see it, the threat of wildfires within our territory has become a point of concern and
something that we would like to be proactive in preparing for.
Our first priority is to make each home, property and building within the community better protected. To do so we have introduced an initiative called Fire smart.

It consists of performing a general survey of yards and building exteriors, followed by mitigation work that includes landscaping, tree pruning or removal and potential building repairs. We are also able to build
firewood storage sheds separated from the home for safe summer firewood storage.

We are aiming to have mitigation work done on the majority of properties prior to this wildfire season (May) and are hopeful for the entire community's cooperation in achieving this goal.

The project is fully funded and the work will be completed upon approval of the homeowner.
Please contact me (call, text or email) if you have any questions, concerns and to schedule what days we can plan to begin mitigation work on your property.

Daryl Hansen
604 869 6576

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