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Paul Keller

CSWD) includes roles and responsibilities involving Child Protect and Prevention, Income Assistance, Matriarch/Elder support, and Housing. Community Garden activities further fall under our umbrella of services.  Reporting to Band Administrator, I focus on various aspects of community wellness. 

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Wellness funding opportunities are often sought out as a result of collective conversation. There is a growing understanding when meeting as a community for various purposes, we can lean on each other, support each other, and work together to get things done.  

Due to the geographic distance between Lukseetsissum and Stullawheets, 2 Community Centres have been developed.


If you are living on/off site and would like to be apart of a particular group or are in need of individual support, please notify us. 

Office: 604 869 0013

Work:  604 206 8246


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