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Rhonda George

Provides services to individuals and families, utilizing holistic and generalist approach to Health and Wellness. The program seeks to improve the physical, mental and social well-being of community members by providing prevention and intervention services.

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I have some exciting news Yale will have a Community Nurse Temporary while Maggie is on maternity
leave until mid-March 2024.

Home care

Jody provides homecare in the community approximately 20 hours a week.


Medical Transportation

We are unable to provide Medical Transportation. I encourage members to find reliable transportation to your appointments. Not all appointments will be reimbursed. Please contact Rhonda to ensure your appointment is covered or reimbursement. Not all appointments are covered through First NationsHealth Authority (FNHA) Medical Transportation. I will be connecting with FNHA to ensure the appointment is covered.The process is:

1. Confirmation of Appointment (I have forms at the office I can email or have a package ready for
pick up)

2. Need your: Address and telephone number.
Health Clinics (Coming soon to the community.)
Influenza (flu), Immunization, and Covid Boosters.

Community Engagement

I will be planning on being at the community buildings a couple times throughout the month. Come
down to see me. If not call or email me, we can set up a time to connect about your health inquiries.
Health Events in community

I will be planning some health events throughout the year. Currently I have had First Nations Health
Authority come out to the community building for Health Benefits information Sessions.
Regional Health Survey FNHA Fraser Salish Region
Samantha Narayan M.C and her team will be in the community starting January 2024. The First Nations
Regional Health Survey is a part of a national health survey conducted by and for First Nations. It
captures a snapshot of health and wellness.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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